Aloha kākou!
Welcome to the official site of Friends of Hannibal Starbuck. Now, more than ever, Maui needs leadership from capable people who have the best intentions for Maui nui in mind. Hannibal is ready.

Preservation         not Degradation
Conservation        not Exploitation
Restoration           not Desecration

'Ae, hiki iā kākou!

(Yes, we can!)


  • Maui nui will tone back unnecessary development and plan with intention for growth with the best interests of all stakeholders.
  • All people of Maui nui are valued and all people of Maui nui have a say on the future of Maui nui.
  • The children of Maui nui will continue to embrace the activities and opportunities that are unique to Maui nui and Hawai'i. These activities and opportunities will be available for countless generations to come.
  • Water will be secured and allocated for residential growth and agricultural growth or diversification without endangering various aquifers. Dry streams will have their water flow increased.
  • Traditional Hawaiian practices will be facilitated from mauka to makai, from nearshore waters to ocean channels between islands.
  • Maintenance and upgrades to existing infrastructure will be a top priority.
  • New public space will be secured, such as new camping grounds.
  • Hawaiian culture and heritage will be considered and included in all aspects of planning and decision making.
  • Need will drive development, not financial gain for a select few.
  • Natural resources of Maui nui will be protected. Access to resources will suit the needs of the different communities.
  • All kalo farmers on traditional lo'i have kuleana water. If former lo'i can be reopened, then water will be provided for these lo'i. Call this the “right to kalo".


With a lifelong dedication to Maui and a background rooted in Hawaiian culture, values, and language, stewardship of the land, education, and science, I will listen to the community to facilitate the interaction between the governing bodies and the entire community to be an integral part of improving the decision making for Maui County.

Photo of Hannibal Starbuck

Lifelong resident of Maui.

Hannibal Starbuck is a science teacher at H.P. Baldwin High School. He holds a Bachelor of Science in physics and a Master of Science in geoscience.

Hannibal Starbuck is a keiki o ka 'āina. He has had the privilege of being a part of special communities all over Maui, from Haleakalā to the West Maui Mountains.  He has lived in Makawao, Ha'ikū, Huelo, Waihe'e, Kahakuloa, Paukūkalo, Wai'ehu, Kīhei, and Pukalani. Each place is unique and has contributed to his growth and love for Maui and Hawai'i nei. Hannibal's 'ohana is maka'āinana and have always been valued members of the community.

Hannibal went to Ha'ikū School, Makawao School, Waihe'e School, and H.P. Baldwin High School. Some highlights of his younger years were playing MYSO Soccer with Makawao and Paukukalo teams and paddling canoe for Hawaiian Canoe Club. The ocean was always his favorite playground and he would surf waves from Ho'okipa to Paukūkalo, from Hāna to Honolua, and from Mā'alaea to Mākena.

After graduating high school he spent 2 years on Kaua'i surfing and working as a ranch hand. His duties on Papa'a Ranch in Anahola, Kaua'i included farming, landscaping, and maintainence. Upon return to Maui he worked in construction as a roofer and carpenter and in the restaurant business. He then went to MCC (now UHMC) and UH Manoa and completed his bachelor's degree and teaching certification.

Hawaiian Culture and Language

"'A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka hālau ho'okahi." --Not all knowledge is learned in a single classroom.

Hannibal has a deep appreciation of the culture of both the Hawai'i of old and the Hawai'i of these times. Embedded in his life are traditions, language, perspectives, and motivations for his intentions as they relate to his place here in Hawai'i nei. He is versed in 'olelo Hawai'i and has a deep appreciation for Hawaiian music and chant. Along with knowledge of things Hawaiian comes a kuleana to address the wrongs of the past and present and to fight for the best interests of the people and the land of Hawai'i. Hannibal believes that we are just caretakers of the land and that we must mālama 'āina and aloha 'āina.
Hannibal Starbuck as a child in the Waihee taro patch with Mayor Tavares
Hannibal and Una Starbuck in a Waihe'e taro patch with Mayor Hannibal Tavares


Hannibal's parents, Peter and Dinah Starbuck, were members of the Protect Kaho'olawe 'Ohana since the early 80's. They visited the island countless times, participating in the movement to stop the bombing and facilitating for visiting groups as well. Dinah's hālau, Pā'ū o Hi'iaka, ran the kitchen at Hakioawa for monthly accesses for a long time. Buckstar, Hannibal, and Una made the journey to Kaho'olawe many times each to continue the tradition and fight for the island.

Degrees and Recognition

  • Bachelors in Science (BS) in Physics from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa 2005.
  • Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Education (PBCSE) in Science from UH Mānoa College of Education 2006.
  • Masters in Science (MS) in Geoscience from Mississippi State University 2009. Teachers in Geoscience (TIG) program.
  • National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) 2017.

Teaching etc.

Hannibal has been teaching science at his Alma mater, H.P. Baldwin High School, for 12 years. He regularly teaches Physics, Physical Science, Earth Systems Science, and Electricity and Electronics. He takes on responsibilities beyond the classroom and supports students as they grow into contributing members of the community.

Some extra curricular duties include:

  • Inclusion team cadre member
  • 9th grade teams teacher and leader
  • Fcocus on Learning (FOL) Leader coordinating accreditation efforts.
  • Robotics Advisor
  • New bell schedule designer and initiator.
  • No Shame Just Eat inititative getting the school listed as Title 1.
  • HSTA Faculty Rep
  • HSTA Convention Delegate (2017, 2018)

Community Involvement

Maui County Commission on Children and Youth. Commissioner since April 2017.
Member of Hawaiian Canoe Club (on and off) since 1983.
Parent duties at Hula Hālau Kekuaokalā'au'ala'iliahi.
Volunteer at Kahului Hongwanji Preschool.
Volunteer at Ko'ie'ie fishpond in Kīhei.
Parent duties at Kamehameha Schools Maui annual Ho'olaule'a.


Science allows Hannibal a fantastic perspective to understand the world around us. He is passionate about science and values the special geology, oceanography, meteorology, botany, hydrology, and astronomy that can be studied in Hawai'i. Hannibal believes that science is for everybody's benefit and does not have to be pitted against cultural priorities.


Top Maui Issues

There are many crucial issues at the forefront for Maui nui. Hannibal recognizes that there are not always easy solutions, but that we must nonetheless stay solution oriented. We must consider the welfare of the land and ocean in all things and look for ways to reduce the negative impact of our society on our natural resources for practical and ethical reasons. It's time to stop benefiting in one thing at the expense of another. Hannibal will work well with all the various government bodies at the county and state levels, citizen advisory groups, and the community at large to find solutions that are in the community's best interest.

Native ecosystem preservation, conservation, and restoration
From the top of Haleakalā, to the beaches and near shore waters, to the deep channels between the islands of Maui nui, we must consider the effects of any actions we take. Too much damage has already occurred due to development and desecration. Watersheds, sand dunes, streams, bird sanctuaries, beaches, reefs, and other vulnerable areas all need to be a top priority.
Affordable housing
Supplying affordable housing, homes for sale and for rentals, is arguably the biggest issue facing Maui residents today. New projects that are truly affordable are needed to continue to increase the number of available units all over Maui. Support is needed in enforcing stopping of illegal short term vacation rentals so there are more home rentals available all over Maui.

Roads, water supply, parks, waste management including wastewater, energy generation and transport, drainage, traffic safety, recycling, and public safety need constant attention. These must be maintained and upgraded to provide a high quality of life for all Maui County residents and to improve the visitor experience. Developers should be responsible for new infrastructure in their projects and not have easy ways to get costs deferred to taxpayers.

Longterm planning for Maui nui
Community plans need to be updated and kept current so they can remain relevant as useful guides to communities for future projects. Priorities of each community should continue to be addressed with input from community members. Unnecessary development should be discouraged and avoided. Major developments should always serve the larger community and assurances should be made as to not affect fragile ecosystems. Water needs to be procured before development begins.

Public land
Certain private land should be considered for purchase by the county whenever practical and feasible. Portions of the former HC&S sugar cane land should be bought or leased for public use. More land should be available for farming, whether conventional, organic, or innovative. Some existing parks should be expanded and new parks can be created. Beach accesses should remain open for all coastal areas. Land is needed for bypasses or new roads on various parts of the island. Land will be needed for alternative energy generation, whether a form of solar, more wind power, or something else altogether.


Starbuck 'ohana
From left to right: Hannibal, Hi'ipoi, and Cheyenne Starbuck

Cheyenne Starbuck

Cheyenne Kehauonapualani (Bal) Starbuck, Hannibal's wife, was raised a Kihei girl. She also spent many years living in Ha'ikū and Wailuku before marrying Hannibal. When they were married in 2009, the Starbucks lived in Wai'ehu, where Hi'ipoi was born. Cheyenne has mainly worked in food and beverage, which enabled her to raise her older children, "the twins", Kamāhoe and Lilinoe Bal. Cheyenne is also the birth mother of Amber Bal, who was hānai by Cheyenne's aunty as a baby. Cheyenne is a longtime runner and also a canoe paddler.

Hi'ipoi Starbuck

Hi'ipoiikealaula Sophia Starbuck, age 8, attends Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus where she excels in all subjects.  She dances hula with Hālau Kekua'okalā'au'ala'iliahi and is learning to play piano. She loves to draw, read, and play video games.

Cheyenne and Hannibal Starbuck with children
From left to right: Hannibal, Hi'ipoi, Cheyenne, Heremoana, Lilinoe Bal, Kamāhoe Bal, and Denali.

Kamāhoe and Lilinoe Bal

Cheyenne's twins, Kamāhoe and Lilinoe Bal, graduated from Kamehameha Schools Maui in 2012. Kamāhoe is a diesel  mechanic and Lilinoe works in food and beverage. Lilinoe has twins herself and lives on the Big Island. Amongst other sports, both twins paddled with Kamehameha High School and Hawaiian Canoe Club in their teenage years.

Una Starbuck

Una Starbuck, younger sister of Hannibal, lives with her husband in Upcountry Maui. She has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and works for a non-profit on Maui.

Hannibal Starback with his Mom and Dad
From left to right: Hannibal, Dinah, and Peter Starbuck

Peter Starbuck (1994)

Peter Starbuck, Hannibal's father, worked as an English instructor at Maui Community College (now UH Maui College) for 15 years. He was a beloved teacher who inspired countless Maui students. Among his accomplishments at the college was creating Hawaiian Literature classes which are still around today.  He was an avid gardener and instilled a love for plants and literature in his children. Peter was practicing organic farming before it was a "thing". He paddled canoe with Na Kai 'Ewalu.

Dinah Starbuck (2006)

Dinah Starbuck, Hannibal's mother, worked as a nurse for Maui Medical Group in Wailuku and Upcountry. Previously, she had worked for Hale Makua and Hāna Medical Center. Through Maui Medical Dinah was a diabetes educator for the community. She danced hula with Hālau Pā'ū o Hi'iaka and paddled canoe with Na Kai 'Ewalu Canoe Club. She also spent a couple seasons with Kīhei and Hawaiian Canoe Club. Dinah was raised on O'ahu and in California.

Buckstar Starbuck (1996)

Buckstar Starbuck, Hannibal's older brother, worked as a boat captain out of Ma'alaea Harbor. He was never far from his 'ukulele and was another great canoe paddler in his day.

Upcoming Events

Vote for Hannibal Starbuck Maui County Council

No matter where you live in Maui County,
you can vote for Hannibal.

Wednesday, Aug 22 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Ha'ikū Community Association and Pā'ia Town Association General Election Forum
Doors open at 6pm.
Ha'ikū Community Center

Wednesday, Oct 3 5:30 to 9:00 pm
Kula Community Association General Election Forum
Kula Community Center

Saturday, Aug 11
Primary Election

7am to 6pm

Tuesday, Nov. 6
General Election

7am to 6pm


Apply for a Permanent Absentee Ballot so you can vote by mail and won't forget.

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